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It's Finally Come!

by coie - September 30th, 2006.
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I smelled it yesterday.  It always sneaks up gradually and many hardly notice it until they remember it months later.  It comes every year, and sparks a smile on everyone's face. It's the smell of Fall.  I do believe I'm happiest in Autumn.  *happy sigh*

We had the Gonzalez girls over on Tuesday and had a blast.  Their brother came too, to hang out with Paul and Luke.  We played spoons with wooden chopsticks (some people got splinters), watched segments of a Wildebeest movie, went to TCBY, rode/rowed our boat (ha, that's funny!), and talked a lot.  Oh yes, and the oldest girl also came with me to the dump.  We are so hospitable, eh?  The very first time that my dad met MRS. ROY'S husband, our sewer backed up and he asked him to help him dig it up in our front yard.  In November.  At night.  We have no shame.  🙂

Now for the bad news– I went to the Dentist on Thursday, and I had a cavity.  That's what I told Ryann anyways.  Truth be told, I have six.  After seeing Emmi get her mouth numbed, I don't think I want to have them filled.  She had a crooked grin for the next 24 hours.  hehehe.  Ugh, I've never had a cavity and I'm afeared.

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    The dentist has been no fun here. Poor Sami had to get two fillings on Thursday. Needless to say it was not a happy day. I promised her a Starbucks but she refused because she said she couldn’t drink it due to her numb mouth. SO today I will take her to Starbucks for her delayed treat.

    I am anxious to see that video that yoru mom will be making. I have always enjoyed Riverdance – but I have never seen an Ig version.


    Mrs Roy

  2. The Dentist…

    Oh boy…I haven’t been to the dentist in years…the thought of them telling you about cavities you wouldn’t know of otherwise is a bit unnerving to me. My mom will probably have to take me soon…ugh! Haha…

    Cavities can be healed, however. They don’t necessarily have to be drilled. Of course, teeth remineralize much faster when you are younger.

    My mom gets a lot of her health info from Weston A. Price was a dentist that conducted in-depth studies regarding the relation between diet and dental health. Fascinating stuff, believe it or not. I wish more contemporary dentists would respect it!

    Hope all is well with y’all!



  3. Cavities

    Felicity, my sister, has gotten almost all of her teeth filled. Pretty bad, huh? Once a dentist told her she couldn’t come back when she was getting a cavity filled. 😛

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    Well, if you must have six cavities…better for them to be cavities that you didn’t realize you had! And it’s good they were (hopefully) caught early. A cavity that has gone too far equals a root canal– not just ultra expensive, but it takes a lot longer than a simple filling to do.

    Makes me want to wake up my boys and re-brush their teeth for them. And put that flouride gel I got from our last visit on their teeth…tastes gross but it’s good for the pearly’s.

    Other than that, it sounds like y’all have been having fun! It still smells like, feels like and looks like summer here… *sigh* When will it ever end?! Last year, our trees re-leafed in December! Talk about weird. It was like spring, but Christmas at the same time…

  5. bummer

    Sorry to hear about the cavity. But it sounds like you had a terrific time with your visitors.

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    I haven’t ever goten a cavity in my hole/whole life!

    Will you come to my blog some time?

    I really like yours.


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    I adore fall, it’s got to be my favorite season. You are looking forward to the cold weather (considering you’re sick of the heat:-) and the leaves are SO beautiful, I really love that part of the year. I’m sorry about the cavity thing, I’m getting braces in a couple on months, and am SO not excited, bit nevertheless, I should be thankful that mom and dad are putting in the time and the money so that I may have good looking teeth (I have an overbite). Stop by soon (even though I don’t have any new posts), I enjoy your company.


  8. Cavities!

    I have never had a cavity. I have had plenty of other problems with my teeth to make up for it, though! (Breaking front teeth, not having hard gum where it should be, and dreams, or should I say nightmares of all of my teeth falling out.)

    Hope you have a great day!

  9. Well, I'm sorry about your cavities!

    I hope all goes wel with that! I have never really had any, but we haven’t been to the doc in awhile!

    I hope to hear from you soon! Happy Fall! Nai haryuvalyë melwa rë (May you have a lovely day)



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    Hey kiddo, you got dentist problems, I had four severly impacted wisdom teeth cut out of my jaw when I was 20. That was sure a party! Crooked smile? I couldn’t open my mouth for two weeks and had to sip Campbell’s Tomato Soup through a straw for every meal. You’da thought I’da dropped some poundage, but no deal!

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    Oooh, sorry about the cavities. but let’s not focus on just the negative, think about fall!! 🙂 I’ve smelled it here, too. The air is somewhat clearer, just more fall-ish. Though I’m sure it’s MUCH nicer up there.

  12. Madam Woody!!.......... DON"T YOU FOGET IT!!

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    I can smell winter better than fall, now that you mention it!

    HEY there missy!! You NEVER DID tell me how you made these songs!

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    Please stop by and wish Briana (DancingFeet) a happy 17th birthday today!

    Her Mom

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    Hi Coie! This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I can see that you are your mother’s daughter – you write very much like she does! And you look like her too! But you already knew that, I’m sure. Do you ever get sick of people calling on the phone and saying, “You sound just like your mother!” My daughters do! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading and want to tell you not to be afeared – you’ll hardly feel the novacaine going in – really! I wouldn’t lie or even exaggerate! I’ve had a few cavities meself – it’s a breeze. Tell your mom to make soup for dinner that night – it’s hilarious trying to eat it with a numb mouth and will give your whole family a good laugh! Blessings to you – Karen

  15. Hello

    it’s been a long long time since I commented you or anyone else for that matter well any way. what are you up to? I’m not up to too much right know jsu tschool. any way I had better get going see ya Laticia

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    Well I’m glad to see that my b-day party was on your “good” list! 😉 I had fun riding to G-burg with you yesterday. Hope you have a good trip!


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