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A Week of Firsts

by coie - September 24th, 2006.
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This past week has held a lot of “firsts” for me.  Some good, some bad.  So here's the list with as little explanation as possible.

I went to Georgia [good]
No, I was not on vacation.  My aunt and uncle were speaking at a support group and mom, emmi and I came along for the fun of it, and to man the table.  No one bought anything, so that made it less entertaining.  I did give Emmi and Julia a spelling test during my uncle's speech which they greatly enjoyed.

Georgia is a beautiful state, and we even went through a town called “Ocoee” which sounds just like “Oh, Coie”.  I liked that.  *grin*

I saw something with MY name on it!! [very good]
Thanks to my great friend KAITLIN who sent me a bookmark thingie that I'm assuming was custom made with my name on it.  She chose “quiet” to describe me.  Here's a PICTURE of her gift.  [thanks, kait!]  Oh, and it even has California Poppies on the background.

I went to the dentist for the first time in six years [good…I thought]
Everything started out fine, until….

I was told that I have less than perfect teeth [very bad]
I had some MAJOR tartar build up on the backs of my lower front teeth.  The dental hygienist took this vibrating pick thing and practically drilled my teeth down to toothpicks.  I also have Gingivitis.  My tartar build up was SO BAD that I have to come in again because they couldn't read my X-rays to see if I had cavities or not.  Plus they couldn't perform regular cleaning on my teeth because by the time the lady finished torturing me, my gums were bleeding so badly that they “need about a week to get back to normal”.

Have I mentioned that there's nothing more humiliating than going to the dentist?  I don't know about you but I don't appreciate people shoving thier arms in my mouth unless I get to bite them.  And man, that vaccum thing kept making it's way to my tongue and getting stuck to it.  I starting laughing and the lady was like, “Are you ok?!”

On top of that, I was drooling everywhere, and they didn't even numb my mouth.  That night I felt pretty sick and blamed it on consuming too much of my own tartar. I go back on Thursday for more cleaning and cavity checks.  I'm almost sure I've got a few and Ryann is starting to taunt me for it since I gave her such a hard time about her SEVEN cavities, BRACES, and HEADGEAR (plus the orthodontist said she had a long face [can you say NEIGH?!]). 

I went to the first birthday party I've been invited to this year [good]
It was my friend ASHLEY's 20th.  It was a pretty quiet group but still fun.  I met someone named Sweet Ruth from Guetamala.  She was super nice.  We played Taboo, ate food, and did presents.

I went to Cade's Cove [good]
It's very PRETTY there.  We went on a nature walk with the Suarezes, Gonzales, Burggrafs, and Estabrooks.  We found a total of two salamanders, one skink, one Harvestman, one wormsnake, one frog, and one snail.  After we left, the Suarezes and Estabrooks spotted four bears.  Pretty cool, eh?

Ryann's ruining my future wedding [very bad]
On our way home from Cade's Cove, mom informed me that I better start saving up for the wedding that I might have in 15 years because she hasn't got the moolah for it.  She said, “Do dad and I *ever* have money? No. And when we do get money we have to spend it on Ryann's MOUTH!”.  I gave Ryann a disturbed look and declared, “You're ruining my wedding!”.  Her reply?  At least I'll look good for your wedding! Grrr.  I'm sure *I* won't.  I bet all of my teeth will fall out in the next year.  I'm dreading Thursday.

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    You need to read that book “Alexander and the no good terrible bad day” – it’s not about a wedding but when things are not so good.

    Your picture of Cades Cove is lovely.

    Sam and Jacob have appts on Thursday morning too. (That’s if I don’t go into labor first.) They need some cavity work – but only one visit thankfully.

    It’s a wonderful tiem to visit the dentist NOT it costs $$$$$! I wuld rather take a trip! : )

    Glad you enjoyed the party. I heard it went well.

    You forgot to mention the bloggers picnic – weren’t you there? hehehe

    Have a wonderful week!

    Ms Roy

  2. Untitled Comment

    Well, I think my mouth is more important than your wedding. anyways, maybe you’ll hang around a few years longer because all you’ll have is enough to buy a jean skirt and a t-shirt with a pair of Tennis shoes.

    Anyways, I don’t think your wedding will be as happy as you think, the whole family will be crying,but I’ll be smiling with my perfect teeth.

  3. Untitled Comment

    Maybe it won’t be as bad as you think!

    And you can never tell what a dentist is really going to say…When I finally went to the dentist after a many year hiatus, only for them to tell me that I needed braces AND my wisdom teeth pulled. Hey, lucky for me, their orthodontist and oral surgeon would be in the office the following week. Imagine that! Funny thing is that I had always been happy with my smile… Sure I had one crooked tooth on the bottom but when I smiled you couldn’t see it anyway. So I thought to myself, Self, let’s just get this thing fixed. Besides, braces on the bottom won’t be a big deal. I was surprised that they “said” I had a slight overbite (yeah right!) and needed braces on the bottom AND top. Grrrr…. Sure that was a mere 6 years ago but I’m not bitter anymore…it only cost over $2,000– mere pocketchange!

    Anyhow, I’m SURE the tartar buildup on your teeth has kept the bad cavity germs away. Like a protective coating! And it really is a blessing that you’re going to the dentist now… You don’t want to get to the point of needing gum surgery or something.

    Praying for good news for you this week!



  4. You are having a very eventful year

    Busy Busy Busy! Don’t worry we don’t go to the dentist either so don’t feel bad. I hope you are doing well though in everything else! Nai haryuvalyรซ melwa rรซ (May you have a lovely day)



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  5. Teeth work bites. (Bad pun intended)

    I definitely agree that dental work is extremely undignified. But just think how weird it must to be the dentist! Would you trust your fingers to some crazy teenager with plaque on her teeth?

  6. Untitled Comment

    It was good to see you again Friday! It had been a while….but you’ll be here again in a week or so! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Where did you get that thing showing how many countries had visited your blog? That’s pretty cool. Of course I doubt that many people have visited mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck at the dentist!



  7. Untitled Comment

    P.S: I looooove Christopher & Banks!

  8. Untitled Comment

    I love going to the dentist. That’s what I should expect though, especially after having braces for 4 1/2 years. I ever prefer going to the dentist over the hairdresser. I almost had my locks chopped off the other day, but refrained as I’m trying to grow my hair out so that it ALL fits into a ponytail.

    Who are the Estabrooks?

    Can I come to your wedding? I thought you were going to get married in that dirt patch beyond your deck where that tree used to be – that won’t cost a penny. Well, you might just have to buy some flowers since the flowers you were going to use got weed-whacked *ahem*

    Glad you liked your bookmark! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And thanks for the link.

    Forever FRI’ed,


  9. Untitled Comment

    We have an Ocoee down here in Florida. It’s probably a Native American name.

    And you’re not the only one that will have to be really creative with your wedding. You don’t have 6 sisters, one who has already gone through braces and I’m in braces now. We’ve already jokingly (though maybe not?) planning who will have what role in the wedding. We’ll have a photographer, flower arranger/general decorating, pianist or wedding planner, cake-baker, etc etc. And my brothers can do things like ushering and setting up chairs. Guess we’d better get it together soon…we could have a wedding in several years. O_o

  10. Dentist

    “Lucky” you! I hate the dentist when I’m just going for a cleaning. I have to go again on Thursday too. Goody. ๐Ÿ™


  11. Untitled Comment

    My dentist rather disturbs me, He smiles to much.

  12. Hi again

    I went to the dentist this month too. It was fine, but my brother was a hand-full about it. He had come armed with a plastic medieval knights helmet and a small but very intensely bright flashlight, with-which he attempted to fend off the nurses. But, after all that worry, he had fine teeth.

    (Sorry about your bad check-up) {x-p

    Sounds like you had some good traveling though. Georgia, Cade’s Cove.

    Why do you need to have a fancy wedding anyways?

    Why should you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one day which will be stressful and draining, when you could have a small gathering of friends/family, with a pot-luck dinner and still have the money, which you could use to buy yourself a house or car or somthing.

    Its not like, having a bigger wedding will make life after your marriage better. In-fact, it would probably make it worse, because you have to worry more about having the money to actual LIVE your life.

  13. Untitled Comment

    Both my orthodontist and my regular dentist ask me questions WHILE THEIR HANDS ARE IN MY MOUTH!!! ANd they’re not simple yes or no questions either. Very annoying!

  14. hey

    i like the background music on your blog it’s nice. well by

  15. Untitled Comment


    Well it sounds like you got some fun things/bad things going on. As for all the good things like the party and the trips, sounds GREAT! As for the bad things like the dentist and the ruined wedding, I’m very sorry:-). Have a great day.


  16. Untitled Comment

    I have not been to the dentist in years… hopefully I’m not dying of gingivitis as you seem to be doing O_o

    Almost any shirt with an image on it is screenprinted. It is a method of ‘painting’ an image onto a shirt using a screen. It’s a very confusing process, so that’s just the really short simple version ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Untitled Comment

    I’ll letya know! He may just come tonight!

  18. Untitled Comment

    i’m bored with this entry. why don’t you hurry up and blog and tell everybody about how many cavities you had filled.

    heh heh heh

    love momsie

    ps stop leaving the Tapiato out.

  19. Untitled Comment

    Can one overdose on tartar? I know one can on snot. Death by tartar?

    I’m in the mood to go to the lake. Oh, Coie.

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