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Toilet Talk

by coie - August 28th, 2005.
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Well, the Boog (baby James, age 2) has had quite the eventful day.  He has caused us yet again to run around the house shrieking and desperately searching for disinfectant. 


First, my sister Ryann came over to me and whispered something so quietly as to hide it from mom, that I couldn't make it out.  I responded with, “Yuh whuuut??” (practicing my Tennesseean [wow, did I write that right?] accent).  Then, to my dismay, I heard it.  Clearly.  “Jamesy just dropped the phone in mom's toilet.”  Great.  *whisper whisper* “Which one?”….Nervous twitching of eyes and looking around….*whisper whisper* “Dad's.”…Perfect.  The Phone.  The Phone that no one is supposed to misplace under penalty of [near] death.  The Phone that Dad specifically named “DONTTOUCH” for a reason.  That The Phone was now at the bottom of a toilet.  Ryann fished it out and I dried it out the best I could…But there was water in the screen….kind of gave it a oceanic look.  Hopefully it will work tomorrow…


Then, Bobo comes out of mom's room grinning. 


Mom: What's so funny?

Bobo: Nothing *snort snort*


Bobo: James took off his diaper.

Mom: So?  Go put it back on and stop acting so weird.

Bobo: *snort snort giggle burst out laughing*  He's poopy and he's smearing it all over his bed!

Mom: Cooooooooie!!


Coie runs into room and lectures James who doesn't have a care in the world, plops him in tub, and throws a whole ton of stuff in the washer.  Oh the joys of having an unpottytrained sibling.  And that is my bit of toilet talk for the day.


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  1. This too shall pass

    It was just this time last year that we were going through such NOT fun potty training messes. It was embarassing, stinky and created lots of laundry, but thankfully we've passed that stage with our youngest. Hang in there and keep helping your mom. Hopefully the messy stinky stage will pass quickly. : )

  2. Untitled Comment

    Sometimes I miss my kids being babies. Sometimes I don't! : )

  3. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!

    That is SO funny, especially the part about The Phone! Check out my blog…I posted something about my little brother's pottytraining thing, too. Except he hasn't smeared his poop on his head 😛

  4. just wondering….

    Hey Coie, James is climbing all over me, wish you were here. I miss you. i was just wondering when you'd be back and if you could bring back somthing with you from CA besides a monster trailerful load of junk,


    see ya

    ttyl ttfn lylas (of course) see ya l8ter


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