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by coie - September 6th, 2006.
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just joking.  I'm actually enjoying this wholesome food kick;
it has already cleared up some health issues we've been
having.  I just needed an excuse to share that video of Dippy and
King James.  😀 

BTW, if you are watching this in Microsoft IE, sorry it is so big.  You should consider downloading Firefox.  🙂

10 Responses to Cannibals

  1. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    oh man

    I can hardly type for laughing!


    BTW- I liked it big. No firefox for me.

    ~Aunt Spiffy

  2. Firefox for the win!

    Firefox is the superior browser for a whole host of reasons. I’m glad you support it.

  3. LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Oh. My. Goodness. Coie, that is so funny! Thanks for the video BTW! It’s nice to see someone in your family! Yeah, I knew what she was getting in a couple of weeks: braces! Yep, she told me on our last phone call. Oh, hey you know what I think is funny? Well, you see, I read your’s, your mother’s and Ryann’s blogs pretty frequently, so I know a lot about what’s going on in the, “House of Forty Storms” . (Uh-huh, I remember what ‘Igarashi’ means!) And so, most of the time, when she tells me an event that happened recently, I say, “Oh, yeah! I read that on so-and-so’s blog! And she’ll get like, “Aw, you know (real name), you’re just such a know-it-all!” Heh heh.

    And you’re right. We DO have the good mamas! I’ll bet we’re Both glad our moms are not ‘Hyacinth’ or ‘Mrs. Bennet’ . (Especially not ‘Hyacinth’ though, she’s nauseating!)

    Anyhoo, gotta go!

    Love you!


  4. ROFL!!

    What a trip!! That was great!!

    Thanks for sharing that and making this homeschool mom’s day!

  5. Looks like he got himself a rump roast!

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  6. Untitled Comment

    haha! I love it! (I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or not…) But It reminds me of me and my brother when we were younger… and I can totally relate to your healthy food kick. My mom was one of those that stocked up for Y2K and bought 200 pounds of wheat. We grid and bake our own bread too. One time my mom tried to covert us all to RAW. That was no fun….


  7. Oh my goodness

    That is hysterical!!!!

  8. Hey Coie!!

    Thanks for the comment!! I luv it when you come visit me!!

    I can’t seem to get yours or your mom’s video clips to play. And we have Firefox and Internet Explorer……….hmmm…..I really really wanted to see them!!!

    How are you? Hope you are having a GREAT week!

    Just stopping by to say HEY……so……HEY!!

    Take Care!


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    Daughter of

    Sister of



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  9. sorry about all the bolding…

    I didn’t realize I had didn’t have it stop until I was a little ways through my commenting (And you are at the top). Thanks for letting my know and thanks for commenting! I didn’t get to see the video and we have firefox! ;-(

    Garo galu vaer (Have a Blessed day!)



  10. You've convinced me!

    Where’s the beef?!

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