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Nod nod snore

by coie - August 26th, 2005.
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Well, dad and I have just crossed the US for the 6th time.  It seems to go faster each time.  This last time, the Suarezes caravanned (spelling?) with us back to CA.  While going through NV early this morning, my dad and I saw a funny sight.  The Suarezes were in front of us so, naturally, we could see them through the back window.  Anyways, my cousin Paul was having some obvious sleeping problems.  With nothing to lean up against or lay down on, he just kept nodding his head, stretching his big ol' head over to the window and then jerking it up again…many many times.  I even caught a video of it.  Makes NV a bit more bearable. 


The Good Thing About Driving So Stinkin' Much


I have become quite the expert in the following areas while driving:


  • Unwrapping and eating string cheese and granola bars

  • Finding VitaminWaters and other drinks from the cooler…and opening them..and drinking them too….but, well, yeah.

  • Changing the CD's

  • Putting my elbows in the steering wheel's gaps and my chin in my palms

  • Looking in the back of the van, either to control siblings or look for something…like pretzels or triscuits.

  • Scaring people

All of which I would not recommend doing while going 75 mph…even though (momsie, don't look) I did it myself.


My Tennessee Experiences


While being out in TN, I have:


  • Felt humidity

  • Heard loud bugs

  • Tasted my first Sonic burger

  • And loved it all…even the humidity…it was awesome

4 Responses to Nod nod snore

  1. Haha!

    Sounds like something my Dad would do! Except, he does it all in a big truck…puts his fingertip of his left hand on the steering wheel, while almost all of the rest of his body is making dinner in his truck's sleeper. 😀

  2. Cool!

    LOL! Sounds great! How did you like Sonic? I recommend a Lemon-berry-lime slushie, they're pretty good! 😀

  3. sonic

    Sonic was good… In-n-Out is better though. 🙂

  4. Untitled Comment

    that does it. you're in big trouble. the above list has just made me clutch my heart and turn white. and you probably already packed my heart medication (there are bad things about being so efficient and organized) so it's your fault if i suddenly drop dead. I'm going to talk to your father about this and you'll be lucky if you even get on a skateboard, bicycle, rollerblades or trampoline for the next 17 years. shame on you. shame. shame <i'm pointing at you while i'm saying this> shame.

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