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by coie - September 5th, 2006.
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That is so sad to me.  I love watching crocodile hunter movies/shows.  Steve Erwin was cool.

Ryann went to the orthodontist last week and she is going to get braces
very soon.  I find that hilarious.  Don't know why- just
do.  I so wanted braces when I was her age, but alas, I never got
them.  I need a retainer, though.

My posts have been boring lately.  Nothing interesting has happened.

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    Well I do find this post rather interesting.

    Samiam needs braces and she will be going to be getting her teeth cleaned next week. We were behind on the dentist appts but alas we will all be caught up soon.

    You needing a retainer is interesting as well.


    Mrs R

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    I have to braces too.

    I like Audi Adrenaline. Sarah has one of the songs on her blog. It’s “big house”. Her blog is SweetTartSarah.

  3. : )

    Hey Coie! I haven’t been blogging like forever! I have finally started again. I love reading yours! : )

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    I thought it was very sad that Stevie died. It just shows that nothing in life is in our hands and God has complete control – that’s a good thing by the way, a very good thing.

    I had braces for 4 1/2 years. They were the longest 4 1/2 years of my life. Tell Ryann that they hurt….really badly and she’ll have to blend all her food so she can just swallow it. hehehe. I blended everything at first. Even spaghetti. This is a really long comment and I’m beginning to ramble now….oh boy.

  5. Steve Irwin –

    I know, that was an awful death! Who would have ever thought that he would be killed by a stingray?


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