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by coie - June 17th, 2005.
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I think this profile tag is sorta silly because you can just view my profile and get the same answers….anyways…..please still see the below post……..I always seem to post two things at a time and then no one sees the first one. oh yeah, i tag:



that homeschool volleyball person — Jasper Wolf– whatever your username is! LOL





waha! that's five right?  I'm still learning to count…………J/K


User Profile: frogiggie89

Weblog: Blog is a funny word
Is this a description of me or my blog? We do have one thing in common anyways- we both are and will remain short.

Name: Coie Igarashi
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 19, 1989 (Age: 16)
Location: Somewhere, California, United States

About Me
I'm 16, I love photography and frogs. I like to read and quilt. I don't like to write. 🙂 I'm 5'4″ but that's boring info. I'm the oldest of 6 kids. er, um. that's it. :):)

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Signup Date: May 16, 2005
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  1. When I come to your blog

    It makes me uneasy because the huge green frog on the left keeps staring at me with buggy eyes, and the weird little on on the right keeps trying to lick me. It's weird. It's odd. It makes me feel awkward.


  2. Hey Fweetie!

    I just saw your comment on Jasper's blog…..I told her one of you would find each other ! 🙂 I hope you two will become friends…you're both such Fweeites!

    Anyway, if you ever need to see over a crowd, Jasper can help you…she's 5'10"!!

    Tell mom "hi" for me.

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><

  3. homeschoolinvballer

    hey Coie!

    hi coie!

    thanks for the comment. i've heard that you're one kewl little chick (so pun or insultes intended by "little" haha!), so i look forward to getting to know you. teehee!

    yeah…i find this whole taging thing pretty weird myself…unless its like the quiz one that i have seen on a couple other posts. but this one you can just click on my profile to see it….is everyone to lazy to point and click on another link now? lol oh well…thanks for the tag anways. lol : ) i'll redeem my tag as soon as i get back to my blog. lol i need to update anyways.

    L8R T8R!!

    ..:: Jasper ::..

  4. mom2sweetblessings

    Hi there!

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog!

  5. Tagged! 😀

    First I wanted to say…you're not as short as me! 😀 I'm 5'1".

    Ok…now on to the tagging! You've just been tagged by pianogal86! Here are the questions to answer:

    Q. how many pictcures of you do you have?


    Q. how many times have YOU moved?


    Q. how old were you when you learned your ABC's?


    Q. do you think these Q's are to hard?


    Q. how many computers are in your house?


  6. Could you Puh-Leeeze

    Fix your mother's avatar. It's so annoying. She is highly comp illiterate, but you, my short little friend, are not. So HELP HER.

  7. DUH


    I didn't see that you had tagged me and I read your blog all the time. Oh boy, PianoGal86 already tagged me with the same set of questions and now I have to play catch up. Oh dear.

    Have a great day (or evening–whatever)…


  8. cool!

    hey, your mom said I was interesting and that you liked meeting other interesting people. She told me to come say hi to you. "hi!"

    my birthday is the same year as yours. and I'm the oldest of 7 kids. woowwww. neat.

    I think I'll friend you!



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