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Two things. Two things

by coie - June 17th, 2005.
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Number One:  What do you do when you come across a kid screaming at his mom/anyone really in the store?  This question is mostly for kids/teens– to see if their reaction is anything like mine. LOL


Number Two (also for kids/teens):  I think we should start a weekly Bible study in the Homeschool Blogger Chat Room.  Anyone who wants to help organize and spread the word about this please e-mail me!


My e-mail is PJPants @  (you will need to take out the spaces obviously) 


I know we have some really neat teens on here like Spunky Junior and Agent Tim.  Both seem really nice– and those are their blog names (minus the spaces) so you should check those out!


Tata for now!



3 Responses to Two things. Two things

  1. Bible Study

    This is a great idea Coie!! Good luck with this—maybe you will inspire some of us "adults"……

    Grace and Peace-


  2. Question 1….

    Well, I usually just look at my Mom…..we communicate a LOT just with our looks…it's quite funny! LOL!

  3. I'm game…

    …for helping. I believe my mom emailed you my email addy. PLEASE email me with the details!


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