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Villette and Our Beloved Table

by coie - July 28th, 2006.
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First off, in answer to Keri L's question, I've not read Charlotte Bronte's Villette
and therefore know nothing of it's amibiguous and maddening
ending.  Perhaps that will be my next piece of “Leisure
Literature” and then I will happily share my thoughts.

Now for the real point of my post.  Our table's future is looking
quite dreary.  We've had it for the last 13 years, but it's only
supposed to seat six.  And since all 7 of us (King James is still
using his highchair) have been trying to sit down as a family to eat
lately, the opposing doom hovers over us.  It's rather

I remember when we bought the table; I was four or five.  I
remember when my dad had plants laying all over it once for his
landscaping business.  I remember fake sleeping on it when I
didn't want to finish my dinner.  I remember stacking cards to
stuff into magazines or envelopes for TOS on it.  It's now been
used to peel, core, and slice millions of apples.

When I was little, I used to think our beloved table was magic. 
If I had a sour orange, I would take each slice and lay it on the table
for 5 seconds before eating it, and I thought it made it sweet.

My AUNT and
uncle bought us a huge 12 seater table once and though we tried to get
used to it, we ended up giving it back to them.  It smelled nice
too.  But we just couldn't stand the thought of ridding our dining
room of our table. 

We will have to make a decision rather soon– either kick two people out of the house, or buy a new table.

Oh, what are we to do?  What will become of us?

17 Responses to Villette and Our Beloved Table

  1. The nail that sticks up…

    Being that your parents only have one child that is close to kick-outable age (you) I think they will definitely have to find another solution.

    Perhaps the magic table will be able to find itself a new family to serve on Craigs List.


    Untitled Comment

    Your momsie did mention the need for a bigger table upon one of her few visits to our homestead. Perhaps it is time to venture out and locate a table more suitable to your families needs. After all – you will all begin fresh and create new memories together. It may be appropriate to take a picture of this very loved piece of furniture and hang it close by where you can all see it from the new table.

    Just my thoughts………..

    Mrs Maria

  3. Untitled Comment

    i have an idea. hows about me and you kick ourselves out? we can take a trip to bermuda and forget all about our table woes. I’ll bring daddy some nice presents back. Actually, let’s take dad. Ryann is old enough to watch the kids. Wait. It’d sort of be fun to have ryann along for comic relief. Ok… how about this. How about we all go and let the table have the whole house to itself?

    love momsie

  4. Untitled Comment

    Maybe to avoid the much frowned-upon option of kicking out a couple of kids under 18, you should just buy or build a large highchair for the next kid older than the baby…Then again, that’ll only last for so long. I’m leaning more toward the trip to Bermuda.

  5. Hello


    I added you to my friends list.

    Have a great day.


  6. Untitled Comment

    so has anyone ever told you that you look like th girl in Narnia?;)

    -your blogging subordinate woody

  7. Untitled Comment

    Ahhh…you know you need to get a new table. And then you can share your vast wealth of table experience and folklore with the young’uns.



  8. Hello

    How are you? I hope you are well. I am just stopping in! I hope to hear from you soon!


  9. danika

    Never read that one…

  10. CrazyAboutMonkeys

    Untitled Comment


    I have had you on my friends list for a while and you have never added me. I have been waiting,


  11. book

    I didn’t say anything was wrong with it. I just said I hadn’t read it.

  12. Fond Furniture.

    Do you think you could find a good place for one or other of the tables. Like having one where your current table is then moving the other onto a porch or lawn or wherever you think would be best. I know what you mean about getting connected with something like a piece of furniture. We have a rocking chair that we got when I was about 9. I loved reading in it so much. Now I’m too big for it, but I still feel some fond attachment to it thinking of all the books I’ve red while sitting in it.

  13. You lost a toenail? Me too!

    I should show you my toenail. It’s growin’ back, but it doesn’t look good yet. I lost it several months ago. I was holding that huge water fountain that is next to our front door. The base fell out and smashed my right big toe! It was a slow, gradual, torturous process, but I managed to get the entire toenail out after a week or so. It’s been growing back, but the center is slightly disattached. The poor table! I wander what is going to happen. Get Paul to blog right away! I think he and I might be swapping some info. Ask him if he has done any work on SuperTux yet.

  14. Untitled Comment

    I started Villette and it was extremely boring so I quit reading 😀

  15. Untitled Comment

    Whoops. that was me…

  16. Sushi and chopsticks, anyone?

    When Gary and I got married, we bought a circular table with two leaves. Expansion like that would surely accommodate not only our family, but any number of guests, too, right? HA In less time than it takes to change a diaper or two, we had a crowd around our table at every meal. Where did all these people come from?? Anyway, we had to change from our 8-person oblong table (which is now in our garage, comforting us with its presence) to two of those 8′ conference tables. Only there isn’t really enough room for both, so they’re shoved up against each other lengthwise, with short ends against the wall. Thus, we can now seat 10 around our table. Oh, wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly the size of our family! Except, wait…breaking news…there’s another one coming down the pike! Another couple of years, and we’ll be unable to sit down together…again! Oy! Maybe we can just go Oriental and all sit on the floor!

  17. table

    I’d go with the new table…

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