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Sorry to All Those Unsuspecting Victims

by coie - July 19th, 2006.
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Well, I was going
to call all of my old numbers that I could remember or find, but as
soon as I picked up the phone I got that “Ooooh, this is too gutsy and
I might get in trouble” chill go up my back.  So, I employed
someone who sort of likes that feeling- My cousin PAUL (aka, Poggy).

After a long 9 hour day of training him to take over a certain part of
TOS work, I rewarded him by saying, “Hey, you're almost done and then
you get to call all my old numbers!”

He shrugged and said (sarcastically), “Oh goodie…More work.”

But once he did the first one, it gave him some sort of adrenaline and
he nearly pummeled me when I ran out of phone numbers for him to
call…So here are the results.  Sadly, many of the numbers were
no longer connected.


(1st try- Voicemail)

(2nd try [10 minutes later]- Voicemail)

(3rd try [20 minutes after 2nd try]-
Voicemail again)




Unsuspecting Victim:
Ark Child Learning Institute

Poggy the Brave:
Hi is Coie Igarashi available?

Unsuspecting Victim:

Poggy the Brave:
Coie Igarashi

Unsuspecting Victim:
I’m sorry I don’t have anyone listed under that name

Poggy the Brave:
Is this Port Gibson Court?

Unsuspecting Victim:
No, it’s not.

Poggy the Brave:
Oh, I’m sorry.  I apologize.





Unsuspecting Automated-Response
: There is no mailbox at this number

Poggy the Brave: Awww, man!





ANOTHER Unsuspecting Automated-Response
: We’re sorry, you’ve reached a number that has been disconnected or
is no longer available.





Yet ANOTHER Unsuspecting
Automated-Response Victim
: The number you have dialed is no longer in

Poggy the Brave:




Poggy the Brave:
Coie, can’t you remember ANY other numbers? 
Come on! Think!

After reassuring him about 20 times that I could remember no other
numbers he racked his brain trying to think of his old numbers. 
Then he realized he didn't even remember the number of the house he
moved out of last month.  Honestly, he has no memory.  It's
almost scary.

7 Responses to Sorry to All Those Unsuspecting Victims

  1. Untitled Comment

    Crank calling your old phone numbers? Didn’t Ryann and Levi get in big time trouble for doing that last year…. when they were 11? I am taking this to mean that you will not be ready to marry for at least 12 more years. Maybe tomorrow you and Poggy can eat the ants you find behind the door.


    Don’t you have any parental supervision what-so-ever in your looney bin home?

  2. Frogiggie89 (too lazy to sign in)

    Untitled Comment

    Aw, momsie, Beaver and Annie got in trouble for calling the cell phone help line over and over asking if they were selling cabbage.

    And it wasn’t ants that me and Poggy found and ate behind doors when we were three– those were boogies.

  3. Untitled Comment

    What about the area code? did you dial 1 and then the area code? did you do 823-0447?


  4. Untitled Comment

    What in the world are you talking about?

    Weird. And to think Paulie was in on it too!

    Oh well…at least you didn’t do the dorky Is your refrigerator running? thing…

    As punishment, you should go make more apple pies!

  5. No, SuperAngel did not put the shirt on 6db3! lol

    Thank you for coming by. It was a pleasure to see your picture on my blog! Come by more often! I really like reading yours when I get the chance!


  6. Please hang up and try again, if you need help please dial the operator.

    Have you ever read the book Letters from a Nut? Your whole phone episode reminded me of it.

    I thought it was a pretty funny concept and I suspect it would be right up your alley.

  7. Untitled Comment

    I skipped the part about the toe… my mom told me it was gross so I just closed my eyes O_o

    we had a deer skeleton in our back yard. and one of our neighbors had a headless chicken…

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