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What Have I DONE?!

by coie - July 12th, 2006.
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I had intended to write a long post to make
up for the lost time on here.  You know, to catch you all up on my
happenings.  And then I realized– I can't even remember anything
before last Wednesday.  So here is what I do remember.

Wednesday our neighbor came over and demonstrated how to skin and clean
a rabbit that he had shot the day before.  It was great fun and
the kids made sure that he cut out EVERY PIECE for them to see. 
He even took out the eyeball and got to the center of it for us. 
And upon further pestering, he got out the brain which was about the
size of a big gumball.  After he cleaned it all out he decided he
couldn't eat it because there was too much fecal matter on it.  I
could have told you that before he started– He shot it with a 12 gauge
in it's back.  I had plenty of pictures but I accidently formatted
my memory card in the middle of family camp (see below).  gah!

Thursday morning I got up early and went to pick up milk.  Then I
went home.  Then I got ready to go and we all went to Walmart so
we could get camping supplies, namely food.  As soon as we got
home, I left with most of the kids and two of the Suarez kids to go to
Andrew Williams' 7th birthday….party.  As in, it was his seventh
birthday and he had a party.  Not like, it was his seventh
birthday party he's thrown.  Get it? Got it? Good.  For the
most part I resisted the urge to get out there and play all the games
(like squirt gun tag and water balloon war), but when they played the
“Use your face only to find the cherry in the middle of a whipped cream
mountain on your plate” I just had to participate.  So there I was
lined up with a bunch of kids ages 5-12 sticking my face in a plate of
whipped cream.  Not only did I win, but I hardly got anything on
my face.  Isn't that great!?! 

Anyways, I had been in a “I don't like having birthday parties” kick, but after that I've decided I do
want a birthday party.  Only that's not exactly possible in
Tennessee because the weather is awfully dreadful in February which
would prevent us from keeping everybody outside since our house is too
small to hold more than 15 people. That's one thing I miss about
California– beautiful weather on my birthday!

So after the birthday party, or most of it anyways, we headed over to
Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World so I could get a visor for camping. 
I dreaded walking in with six kids in tow and sensed disaster. 
But I couldn't leave them in the car, so I made the two that like to
wander stick next to me.  I told Dippy to hold onto my back pocket
and told Jubee (JULIA
— I call her Jube or Jubee and she calls me Cookie) that she mustn't
stray more than 1 foot from my side.  The other four were
instructed to line up “single file” like ducks.  Their formation
soon resembled that of geese, but at least they weren't
wandering.  So anyways, as we were walking through the parking lot
on our way IN, Dippy decided to pull and Trip 'n' Rip.  A Trip 'n'
Rip consists of tripping on a curb and ripping your 17 yo sister's back
pocket half way off.  You could also call it a Dip Trip'n'Rip at the Hip.

Julia gasped, slapped her hand to her eyes, and affirmed that there was
indeed a HOLE in my pants.  I groaned and thought– “I'm only 50
feet from Outdoor Supply Heaven…I need this visor….Now what?” 
Then Jubee decided that my shirt was long enough to cover the hole and
took upon herself the responsibility of holding the hem of my shirt low
enough to suffiently conceal it during our entire shopping
excursion.  I found a total of two visors in BPS- one pink and one
tan, so I chose the tan one and grabbed a BPS shirt.  Then I got
into the line and the lady asked if I had a Rewards card.  I said
yes and then stared at my hands for a full 13 seconds trying to figure
out where the keys were.  “Er, I actually can't find it, because
it's uh….er…Levi and Ryann go outside and see if I dropped them
when Dippy <glance at cashier> er…you know…….Jube– my
keys? Uhhh, I haven't got the card with me…, what's the
total?”  So I paid and then asked if I could go back through the
store to look for my keys.  We spent the next 5-10 minutes
retracing our steps, remembering dropping them by the hats, picking
them up, and then who knows what.  I finally found them on the
shelf next to the shirts.  Then we dashed for the car before
anything else could happen and drove home in close to complete silence
lest I freak out and lose another stitch. Before we went in I told the
kids I only wanted to be in there for 5-10 minutes and to walk
briskly…We were in there for 45 minutes.

On Friday we headed up for family camp.  It consisted of three
families- Us, the Suarezes and Burggrafs.  We were trying to be up
there by 11 or 12 a.m., but didn't arrive until about 2-3. 
Nothing dreadfully exciting happened during the weekend.  Except
for when mom went off the tire swing and her pants…well…I'm sure
you already READ ALL ABOUT IT

On Saturday the Gonzales' entire family came up which was really
fun.  They've got 9 kids, seven of which are girls, so I had a
great time.  A volleyball game got started and somehow they
convinced me to play again.  I think they ask me to play for their
own entertainment.  All I do is stand there and if the ball comes
my way, I'll either think I can't do it, so I continue to stare at it,
or I'll go for it and completely miss it, or shoot it in the wrong
direction.  I mainly ran after the ball after everybody hit it out
of bounds.  Even then I got made fun of– “Coie running?  I
didn't think she could.” 

After the Gonzales family left, Mr. Parkey showed up with his Famous
Squash Soup and boy was it good.  Mr. Parkey is just about the
coolest person ever.  He's a 67 year old black guy with a thick
accent, about 5 teeth, and he's a hog farmer.  He was teasing us
saying that we could help him butcher a hog sometime, and when he saw
our eyes light up and heard our “Ok!!!”'s, he got excited.  He
said that most people think he's crazy, and was impressed to know that
there are young people interested in that type of thing.  He came
over on all three days of camp talking up a storm about anything and
everything related to farming.  Even growing sugar cane and making
your own molasses.

Sunday was Mr. Burggraf's birthday and a ton of people showed up around
2.  Before that, I went on a bike ride that was entirely too much
work.  I need to work out more.  Scratch that.  I need
to work out.  Period.  Anyways, a lot of people were there
and I think Mr. B. really enjoyed himself.  We went home that
night, and I think we slept for about 12 hours.

And that is the end of my story.  Before I started the only thing
I could remember was mom's pants falling down, but then everything came
back to me as I typed.  So it was a long post after all.

And to everybody that comments on here and I never comment back– I'm
truly sorry.  I'm a lurker.  I read most of everyone's blogs
but hardly comment.  I'm working on that!

13 Responses to What Have I DONE?!

  1. Why don't you just reschedule your birthday for warmer weather?

    I can’t imagine how long that post would have been if you could remember past Wednesday.

    Don’t worry I can’t run either. Your account of playing volleyball pretty much describes me in just about every sport.

  2. From: Danika

    Wow, skinning? That sounds interesting!


    Untitled Comment

    I really like the new profile picture you have up.It makes you look loopy! Imagine you and your mom both having torn pants problems on the same weekend. Looks like you really do have so much in common. Your so both funny! I wonder if some people think you two make up all these stories. If they only knew dfjkladfdkasjfhdaskjfhasd

  4. Untitled Comment

    Hows about this: You, Coie, who has a really disturbing avatar, comes down to Florida in February and you can have a birthday party at my house. Doesn’t that sound fun?

    -Kaitlin, who is wondering why she is up if the sun isn’t.

  5. Untitled Comment

    *grosses out* And you find all this skinning and butchering stuff interesting because……?

    Your volleyball playing sounds a lot like mine and Ashley’s badmitton playing! We stink. lol We don’t hit the birdie half of the time, and if we do it usually doesn’t go the direction we intended.

    Yes, you say you’re a lurker, but I believe we established on the way to Walmart that day that it’s not MY blog you’re lurking on…….

  6. Tag you are it 🙂

    Hey I like your blog have a good day.

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    2- Stretch you’re left arm out as far as you can what can you touch?

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    5- Now look at the clock…what time is it?

    6- With the exception of the computer, what do you hear?

    7- When did you last step outside? What did you do?

    you started this survey what did you look at?

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    18- Comment to George Bush?

    19-Imagine your first child was a girl…what would you call her?

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    21 -Would you ever consider living abroad?

    22- What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gate?

    23- 5 people who must also do this quiz on their blog?

  7. Untitled Comment

    I think it’s great that you actually enjoy being around your younger siblings, Coie. Thanks for always having such a positive (albeit quirky) outlook on things!

    And I’ll forgive you for being a lurker…I guess there are worse things you can be!


  8. Untitled Comment

    Well sounds like a TON of FUN to me!! I love camping used to go all out, then we decided we were too lazy and bought a camper. Sad thing is we almost NEVER go now!:( But you guys have some younger ones that prolly really enjoy it. Where at our house we have girls that like showers, and curling irons!:)

  9. Untitled Comment

    Well sounds like a TON of FUN to me!! I love camping used to go all out, then we decided we were too lazy and bought a camper. Sad thing is we almost NEVER go now!:( But you guys have some younger ones that prolly really enjoy it. Where at our house we have girls that like showers, and curling irons!:)

  10. Untitled Comment

    One time I went to a birthday party and you had to find the piece of bubble gum in a pile of FLOUR, and be the first to blow a bubble. Not easy when your mouth, nose and eyes are caked with flour, and everything tastes like it so you don’t know if it’s the bubble gum your chewing or a clod of flour. “FUN”. L0L!


  11. Untitled Comment

    p.s. Skinning a rabbit can’t be near as bad as a deer.

  12. hi

    Hello again! Hope you are having a fun summer.

  13. Heee-lloooo!

    So, how’s it going Coie? Yeah, we’re all fine and, of course, missing you guys.(Since you’re a lurker, I bet you’ve read my longest entry ever that has a whole amazingly Coie-like paragraph about your visit to the house of-of-well, what would you call our family? Fanatic? Crazy? Absolutely insane? Or rather, some family that somehow or other ended up on your “dear CA friends” list and you have no idea how it happened? That might just be it! LOL!

    But anyway, about your entry; I don’t know what I’d say if someone said that to me….you know, the whole skinning the hog thing?(Though I did help skin a chicken once when I was about six. It was interesting…..really!) Did you know that you are one of the few blogs that I visit almost every time I get on? You like that? Yep. I’m that determined to know what you and the S’s are up to! Really!

    I’m going to go see what happened to your mother. See ya later, Coie!

    I love you!


    P.S. I like that poem about being the oldest that you put on your blog. I wonder why…..

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