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by coie - June 23rd, 2006.
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Yesterday dad told me:

“Did mom tell you we found a guy for you to marry?”


“Yeah, we'll meet him in 2 weeks”

“uhhh, haha….wait, you picked someone out for me to marry and you don't even know him?!”

“Well, we've heard a lot about him and we've actually been in contact
with his parents for a while.  So if all goes as planned, you'll
be married next year.”

*laugh* “Whatever– next year?!”


“18's a bit young don't you think?”

“Nah. This is exciting isn't it?”

“Ummmm, sure.”













Then he told me that he was just
kidding and had just wanted to see my reaction.  I think both my
parents got a kick out of that. 

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  1. ClassicalEducation4Me


    I can just see your dad doing this …. ;ajf;lakjf;ldkfjd;klfj …. too funny! I think the sickness running rampant among your family has made him a little extra loopy, huh?


  2. Untitled Comment

    Was his name Todd? Because unless his name is Todd, I’m not ok with this!

  3. Untitled Comment

    Lol, my dad wants to pick out a spouse for me, I’m not so sure about the whole idea.


  4. LOL

    My sister keeps trying to marry me off, I think she had me lined up with THREE potential guys the other day… before breakfast.


  5. so funny..

    .. i could see me doing that to my boys someday, pick out a girl for them..haha

    have a blessed weekend!

  6. Uh-huh. I knew it!

    Yep. Well, what did you expect with the big deal you were makin’ about TN matchmakers and now your dad’s caught on to the idea! Heh heh.

    Well, I say serves you right for telling all about the absolute funimity of the stuff you get to do and do do over in TN at the expense of a “long time, no see” friend who is getting more irritated at you with every post! You are such a rub-it-in! Seriously, you get me so worked up about your amazingly fun adventures outside-my favorite place to play!!! (when it’s not boiling hot like it is today) Ask Ryann for proof if you don’t believe me, she knows I’m crazy about the ”great outdoors”! (And by the way, I’m writing this with one hand. Why? Just because I’m a total weirdo. Hahahaha!)

    Yep….I would LOVE to be over there in TN!!! Oh, well, I shall try to be patient until I can finally come to your house over there. Ahhh, can’t wait!! (but I suppose I shall have to)

    Bye Coie!

    I love you!


  7. Untitled Comment


    It kindof sounds like a good idea.

    Your room looks nice, it is always entertaining reading what you have to say.


  8. My blog

    HI, My blog messed up.

    Can you come and look at it? Well, Thanks Bye.


  9. Untitled Comment

    oh come on, coie, it was funny. anyways, i don’t suspect we’ll have your guy picked out for at least another year. i’ve been searching high and low and have not found anybody who comes even CLOSE to qualifying.

  10. iluvmy3chickiesandtheirdaddy2

    Pond Scum….

    maybe the smell coming off the pond is messin’ with their brains!! HA HA! But it was pretty FUNNY…

    ~Mrs. P

  11. Untitled Comment

    Oh man, are you SURE they were kidding???

  12. Untitled Comment

    I like the frog picture!

  13. Untitled Comment

    that’s too bad that they were kidding. i’d really like to hear how that went with the whole parents choose the husband thing. you could write a book about it.

  14. !!

    Aww, now you know your mom wouldn’t sell you to the first commer. Oh wait, your neighbor was the first commer now wasn’t he… :+)

    I think your ma and pa will wish for a higher dowry anyway. A supped up pick-up truck is not their idea of a fair trade. Perhaps a few goats and cows and bushels of zucchini. That might do it. :+)

    I, however, wouldn’t sell your for the WORLD. :+)

    LOVE you,

    Mrs. K

  15. Eighteen's not THAT young.

    If you look through history, 18 would be considered an old maid in many if not most cultures.

  16. Untitled Comment

    Coie, I agree with you completely, that’s just not right. In any arranged marriage, *at least* the bride’s parents should meet the groom before the arrangement is finalized. And why is 18 too young? Do *do* want to live to be a great-grandmother, don’t you? You kids always always think you have lots of time! Just remember — 17 is halfway between 5 and 30! -j

  17. Untitled Comment

    Well, at least you have a chance of finding a husband. According to my brother’s dream and some other family jokes, I have to marry a short redhead guy who has a pickup, guns (and lets the boys use both), and cool sunglasses.

  18. Untitled Comment

    I kinda figured it wasn’t on the level when he said he hadn’t met him yet. I can see them arranging a marriage but it’d have to be with someone they knew pretty dang well! lol

  19. And…You Were Surprised?!

    Would have liked to have seen your face! 🙂

    But ya gotta know…picking our children’s spouses are every parent’s dream — and EVERY CHILD’S NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! lol!!

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<>< P.S. I know I haven’t posted here FOR AGES…sorry, dear.

  20. Untitled Comment

    ;alskjdf;alsdjf;asldfj;asldjfa;sdlfj;asldfj… you poor girl… I can’t even imagine the counseling fees that your parents must have created.

    Love ya,

    Aunt Amy

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