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by coie - August 11th, 2005.
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You are a liar.  I admit that I am too.  In fact, almost every time we compose an e-mail, post a blog comment, have an instant message, we lie*. 


Do you not know that the meaning of LOL is “Laugh Out Loud”?  How many times have you actually laughed out loud when you wrote down LOL?  The average is 1 out of 100 times*.  Liars.


Some of you are so bad, that you are not even ashamed anymore.  When at a social gathering and someone tells a stale joke, you simply say “lol”, then catch yourself and force out a courtesy laugh– I've done it.  Liars.


LOL is being used as a conversation filler these days.  To prevent awkward silences.  To “build up” someone's self confidence while you are actually yawning across cyber-space.  Liars.


I am hereby banning the acronym LOL from my blog for the above mentioned reasons.  You may frown.  You may tell me you thought about laughing. You may even tell me you smiled.  But no more can I tolerate seeing LOL on my blog.  I may even delete this entry from sheer disgust of listing that despicable “word” 6 times. 


*Statistics taken from Coie'sBogusInformation, Inc. View more useless and completely bogus information at

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  1. takingthechallenge


    Sorry…just had to do it 🙂

  2. Oh, man…

    …now I get to hear it from you, too. My husband has been harrassing me about this. I was IM'ing him (we were about 30 feet away from each other in our house) and said, "LOL" in my message to him. He said I was lying because he would have heard me if I really was. *insert eye rolling here* Here's the thing. No, I'm not actually laughing out loud. But I'm at least chuckling on the inside. So I may be exaggerating a bit…but I'm not lying. And I'm fairly certain I haven't literally ROFL'd since I was a teenager, but I use that one too on rare occasions. That's more than a mere inward chuckle, that's an almost ready to burst out into an audible noise kind of a deal. And I actually do laugh out loud during cyber conversations sometimes. I do. Really.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



  3. 🙂

    Exaggeration is a form of deceit. :D:D :P:P

  4. Ok, ok

    I've been found out. :p Actually, my friend and I have been breaking each other of the habit…pretending "lol" means "lots of love" or "licking on lollipops". 😀 It's hard to break yourself of the habit! Hey, even my Dad wants "LOL" on his coffin when he dies, because that's what he'll be doing. :p And I NEVER use "rofl". Actually, I prefer using YIM's smilies. 😀

  5. LOL!

    I promise, I really did "lol" at your post. But I do have to agree with your statistics.


  6. LOL


    I'm saying it anyways…………whether you like it or not.

  7. Hey, it's an expression!

    LOL! (Yes, actually, I really did!) – I don't think it's lying so much as it's just an expression, now. Just like there are other phrases people use in face-to-face convos or on the phone, "lol" is an IM expression.

    But like Kristin said, "I'm saying it anyways…………whether you like it or not." :-p

  8. Oh Coie….

    you're cracking me UP!

    LOL…..YES, I really am lauging out loud!

    Sorry I couldn't resist!


  9. Just so you know

    This entry was a total joke– so anyone taking me seriously—LOL

  10. WHAT? WHOA, I'M A LIAR? that's a little overboard here…

    well coie, whitney pope laughed and put lol n MSN when she was talking to elliot, (Just Elliot).

    good thing they're taking the trampoline, sitting under the stars…using it as a bed…lol…hhh…that wasn't very funny, i guess.

    see ya later i guess.

    your…um…rather odd sister,


  11. Untitled Comment

    I knew it was a joke Coie…don't feel bad!!! LOL….

  12. Untitled Comment

    Like it's about time. I've always detested that acronym. And for a while I refused to use it at all. i still don't use it. i always put hahahahahahahhaha when/if I find something to be mildly, moderately or entirely amusing. If anyone else would like to use hahahahahahhahaha they can feel free. I thought about having it copywritten, but didn't want to go thru the trouble and expense. So those of you who may happen to feel locked in to LOL, you now have a viable workable option.

    love momsie

  13. Just a joke…

    .Yeah, I knew it was just a joke, but still felt the urge to insert my theory on the subject. 😀

    *Goes off to continue the search for a new cell phone*

    <a href="">Mission 3:6teen</a>

  14. Responding to my fans…

    Momsie, thank you for taking my side. Your support is much appreciated. *sniff*

    Jake, I hope you get your new phone soon– without waking up (read your blog). 🙂

    I would put that spiffy looking code into my template, but there's no graphic, just text….so……send one with a graphic! Got the Virtue one on there….

  15. bwahaha

    Never mind. I mastered my blog….and got you listed under friends. Sometimes I feel so smart…but that's only sometimes. Like right now I only feel half smart, because you are listed first and I can't change that. Not that there's anything wrong with you being first or anything…Ok, I'm going to bed…or maybe I'll get coffee.

  16. Never lied…

    I'm always laughing in my head…oh…oops…Laughing out LOUD…oh man…LIH…Laughing in Head…*smacks head*…oh dear…

  17. **snort**giggle!!

    I'm sorry! I can't help it! I AM laughing!! And I did laugh out loud and my husband said, "Wha-a-at??" but I left him guessing. Actually, I rarely, if ever, use that horrid acronym….I usually say "hee hee!!" and mean it!!

    Thanks for the laugh! Does my body good!!

  18. Uh….

    The link at the bottom of your post is broken, btw.

  19. lol, lol, lol

    that;s me inwardly roaring at the thought of coie on caffeine.

    No more coffee for you.. go to bed.

    as if youre not spastic enought! sheesh!

    love ya bumpkins…,


    love your quite insane aunt, sister, cousin, or whatever i am

  20. hey, nice blog! 😛

    Hey, Nice blog! I really enjoyed reading your posts. I found your blog while I was scrolling, and I noticed that I have talked to you before on the RI! 😀 I am new to HS blogger, but not new to blogging, and I like yours..anyway, getting back to the point, I am martymcfly off of TH RI. Nice blog…I have said that already. lol. (I really was laughing out loud, just not overly loud, so everyone else in the room could hear, more like a LOS <softly>)


  21. Where are you?

    Hey Coie…

    Where are you? I know you're moving back and forth between CA and TN….but I just wanted to say that I miss your posts. Hope everything's going well.


  22. Have you??????/???????????

    Have you ever used ROFL? if you did, your a bigger liar, makes me less as a liar, but i'm telling on you, you called me a liar, anyway, you should write an entry about paulie, when he kept shocking himself with the lighter, or the fire works "nononononono" ROFL that craacks me up! can you put video's on blog?

    your….somthin' or other,


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