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Father Daughter Camp '06

by coie - June 6th, 2006.
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Well, we got back from camp late Saturday night– it was a blast!  We started out bad though…

Friday night we were about to leave and dad has me call the pizza place
so we can pick up some grub on our way over…Well, while I'm making my
order, dad starts to pull the van forward and I hear Ryann say
something like, “Dad…over…kitten…!!!”  So I look to my left
and what do I see?  Our precious kitten, Penguin, squirming on our
carport.  UGH UGH UGH…Dad had just run over her.  She was
dead instantly, but her nervous system went bazurk which almost made me
throw up.  We had to leave so we left the burial ceremony for the
boys.  We were all pretty low for the next 30 minutes.

Anyways, onto the pleasant stuff.  We got to the camp about an
hour later and started setting up our space with the help from some
other dads (including MRS. ROY'S husband and his daughter SAMI). 
It started raining about half way through setup, and continued pretty
much all through the night, and during the outdoor meeting. 
Everyone was thoroughly soaked before bedtime.  🙂

I slept great that night, and dad said that he was laughing his head
off because I was snoring before anyone else fell asleep.  That
morning he heard a zipper getting unzipped, zipped, unzipped, zipped,
etc…and thought that Mr. Roy (who was set up next to our site) was
getting in and out of his tent.  A few minutes later he realized
it was Emmiko snoring.  I'm telling you, that kid can make the
weirdest noises in her sleep.

I woke up at like 7:00 somehow and sat up to see THIS
I love waking up to the great outdoors right smack dab in front of
me.  What you see there is the entrance to a very inky cave that
nearly ate me…Details to come.

For the first part of the day, we just wandered around and
played.  Some kids convinced me to go off the tire swing, and when
I got the guts to do it, I ended up landing on my knee…HARD. 
Instant bruise.  Very fun.  I smiled, said I was fine and
walked down the hill amidst the “She's one tough girl” comments. 

Dad and I had a bean bag toss competition with another dad and
daughter.  My uncle came over to “show us how it's done” and
looked like a ballerina every time he threw one.  He would go on
tiptoe and put his hands out like he was holding an entirely too large
bowl every time.  Didn't even realize it.

Then we had a camp meeting and Mr. Burgraaf said, “We're going to put on a skit.”

I thought, “Oh no”, and tried to disappear.

Mr. Burgraaf- “We need the girls to volunteer…”

“Oh shoot!”  No way was I going to get up there.

“Their dads.”

Woohoo!  I popped up and pointed to my dad…He was the first one chosen and I got the Dead Meat Glare.  My uncle was also chosen by my little cousin JULIA.
After about 6 dads got up to the front, Mr. Burgraaf said, “Ok, all you
have to do is follow me, so don't make it complicated.”  He then
proceeded to say, “My name is Prince Charming, I went to Paris and got
a fan that goes like this.” and he waved his hand up and down….the
dad went down the line and repeated him. 

Next came, “My name is Prince Charming, I went to Paris and got a fan
that goes like this [still waving] and a pair of scissors that go like
this.” [starts making cutting motion with left hand while waving with

Next, “My name is Prince Charming, I went to Paris and got a fan that
like this [still waving], a pair of scissors that go like this [still
cutting], and a horse that goes like this.” [starts squatting up and
down while continuing other motions]

Even Further, “My name is Prince Charming, I went to Paris and got a
fan that goes
like this [still waving], a pair of scissors that go like this [still
cutting], a horse that goes like this [still squatting] and a clock
that goes like this- CUCKOO!”

So now all the dads are waving with their right hand, cutting with
their left, squatting and yelling CUCKOO! at all different times. 
You'd better believe us girls were cracking up.  It ended when Mr.
B. said, “My name is Prince Charming, I went to Paris and got a fan
that goes
like this [still waving], a pair of scissors that go like this [still
cutting], a horse that goes like this [still squatting], a clock
that goes like this- CUCKOO!, and a bunch of nuts that look like this!”
and points to all the unenthusiastic volunteered dads.  When asked
what the point of this skit was, he said, “Nothing.  It made your
girls laugh.”

CLICK HERE for picture of my Dad and Uncle doing the skit.

After that we played volleyball (where I was again reminded of my lack
of coordination) and shot a bunch of guns and bows and arrows. 

ME SHOOTING A PISTOL (Mr. Roy behid me in yellow)

Then a group of people decided they wanted to go into C1, a cave I had
not seen yet.  I was all gung-ho about it until I saw the
entrance.  Good golly, right when I started to crawl in I saw a
space that they expected me to go through that you couldn't force a
piece of licorice through.  I told them no way was I going in
there.  Tanner (13- yeah I know it was a father DAUGHTER camp, but
he and his brother had to come help their dad [mr. burgraaf] set up)
and Sami Roy tried to force me in there.  They slithered in first
and then Sami yelled at me from inside to 'GET IN HERE RIGHT THIS
told her to go ahead, I wasn't going to get stuck in there. 
Tanner assured me that 200 pound guys had gotten through just fine and
he knew for a fact I wasn't even close to that.  I just sat
outside and repeatedly announced I wasn't getting in there.

Mr. Roy came up with his younger daughter Sarah, and started to crawl
in.  He got about 4 feet before laughing his head off [nervously]
and backing out saying (with his Rhode Island accent), “No way. 
Uh uh.  I am NOT going in there.  It's not a size thing, it's
a mind thing.  That's an itty-bitty spot there.”

One dad said he wasn't going to pull a Pooh Bear and get stuck in there.  hahaha.

Dad wanted to go in, but said he wasn't going in unless I did.  I
told him he could go first and I would follow but he knew I would
chicken out, so we went to the exit and waited for Ryann and Emmi to
get out with the rest of them. 

Next we went to C2, a better cave that I have been in before. 
Basically, it's this hole in the ground that you slide into (about 8-10
feet) and then you can stand up and walk around.  Dad, Mr. Roy,
Sarah and I went in with the first crew of Cave Conquerors.  When
we climbed out (it's difficult), dad was having some trouble and Mr.
Roy said, “Uhhh, somebody help the chubby guy out.”  Everyone
found that highly amusing, except my dad who gave a, “Whaaa?!”

After coming down dad tried to convince me to go into C1 with him…I
told him I couldn't…Absolutely not…No way….I could not make
myself do it.  I would get stuck.  I'm claustrophobic. 
But he argued, “Come on, you can do it.  I'll go first, and you
can follow.  You know you want to.  Just do it.  Please?”

I gave a resounding NO, besides, there was no one to lead us through
because they were heading for the other cave.  But lo and behold,
who did we hear talking up a storm not even 50 feet away? 
Tanner.  Dad looked at me and said, “Are you sure?”  I
replied, “I already changed.”…”We have 20
minutes…”…”No!”….”Come on.”….”I can't!”….”Sure you
can!”…..”uuuuuggghhhh.  Fine.”  Actually, there was a whole
lot more than that.  Just imagine those same phrases repeated 14
times until the uuuuuugggghhh. Fine part.

Tanner and Ryann slipped into the cave.  Dad went next, even
though he was sure I wouldn't follow.  I watched as he squirmed in
with great difficulty.  He made it through, said “OH COOL!! Coie,
you gotta come.”…I started to get in the cave and said, “Uh uh….I
can't!”….[arguing over whether I can or can't make it]…..Dad said,
“Fine, if you really don't want to that's ok.”…..”Doggonit!  Now
I've got to come!”….I slid on my stomach and inched towards the teeny
tiny hole.  I came to the point that I'm supposed to slide over a
root and get a bit more room…I got stuck.  The root was holding
my belt, and I could NOT move.  I started to panic.  I
thought, “I can't go forward and it's impossible to turn around right
now.”  If it were only my dad there I probably would have broke
down right there and starting screaming.  I grunted instead and
said, “I can't move!”.  I calmed down and got unstuck, and pulled
myself up to where dad was. 

Sure, I wasn't squished anymore, but I wanted OUT.  All Tanner
wanted to do was show us the wonders of the cave.  And all I
wanted to see was the wonders of the exit.  It took us like
forever and a day to get there, another tight spot where I almost got
stuck.  Mr. Roy was waiting outside to get pictures of dad. 
He couldn't believe it.  Then I tried to exit and dad insists that
we get about 20 pictures, just to show how small the hole was.  I
tried my best to smile but THIS
was about as good as it got.  Awful picture, but hey, who looks
pleasant after getting stuck in a mountain?  Keep in mind, that
was the exit, which was quite a bit bigger than the entrance.

is a picture of us after getting out….You seriously had to crawl on
your belly the whole time.  Dad said he was absolutely freaking
out the whole time on the inside.  He was really nervous about
getting stuck.

Shortly after that, we packed everything up, and somehow got convinced
to go to a cave down the road.  So we drove down there with the
Burgraafs, Gonzales', and my uncle and cousin.  To get to these
caves you had to rock climb about 20 feet.  I was having trouble
finding something to hold on to, and during that time Mr. Gonzales fell
and popped his elbow out.  I climbed down to help out, semi glad
that I wasn't going up anymore.  My uncle ended up driving Mr.
Gonzales most of the way home, because he was in too much pain to
drive, with me following in my car. 

And that is the end of my post because I can't remember anything
else.  Sorry to making it so long.  I had to let you know how
miserable the cave was and how entertaining the skit was. 

29 Responses to Father Daughter Camp '06


    Untitled Comment

    Great Post Coie!

    I have to say I KNOW i would never attempt that. I AM ONE CHICKEN and proud of it. I’m sure it was quite an adventure and one you will never forget. Thanks for sharing your memories.


  2. Untitled Comment

    I’ve been waiting for you to get home and post about your trip. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I would never attempt the cave thing…. good job! I’m sry about you kitten too… 🙁


  3. Untitled Comment

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!! I was laughing so hard through your story. Especially at the part where the kid says yoou aren’t 200 lbs! and The “Uh, Someone help the chubby guy”!!!!! Ha,ha,ha!

    Sounds like an awesome time for everyone!

    How many of there were you?


  4. Untitled Comment

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!! I was laughing so hard through your story. Especially at the part where the kid says yoou aren’t 200 lbs! and The “Uh, Someone help the chubby guy”!!!!! Ha,ha,ha!

    Sounds like an awesome time for everyone!

    How many of there were you?


  5. Oh no Coie, I'm so sorry about your cat! :`(

    Other than that… and the caves… and the popped elbow…

    it sounds like it was a lot of fun!! ^_^

  6. Nice Gun!

    I like that .22 you’re shooting in the picture, I hope to get one similar to that sometime after I turn 21.

    As for C1, I would never have let them sucker me into something like that. I’m not usually too claustrophobic but when I can’t move I freak.

    Sorry about your kitty.

  7. Whoa!

    It sounds like you had a blast @ the camp!

    About your uncle’s computer;

    If I and Paul weren’t so curious, it wouldn’t have been there!

    [evil laughter]

    I accidentally made the descision to “partition” Linux on the Hard Disk, but it partitoned itself right on top of Windows XP and completely obliterated it! You wouldn’t believe how stressed Paul and I were!

    Did your uncle acclamate to it yet?

  8. PS

    VERY sorry about the kitten.

  9. PS

    VERY sorry about the kitten.

  10. Oh! I am sooo sorry!

    Ryann told me about the kitten on the phone call yesterday. (by the way thanks for letting her use your phone. That was so funny, she couldn’t even figure out where the hearing end was! :P) I am sooo sorry, you know how it is with me and animals.

    I love ya Coie!

    Your friend,


  11. Hey!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun @ the camping trip! Aaaand, just to get on your nerves, I would have gone into that cave without a moment’s hesitation! And, I bet I would have slipped in like a snake. 😛

    But seriously, at least you WENT IN! I mean, come on! People have gotta give you some credit for that! And as to the tire swing that must have been pretty painful! But you guys all got to get real dirty(beg pardon, messy) in the cave; I’m so jealous!

    I love camping!!!

    Your friend,


  12. Untitled Comment

    I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. It sounds like you had fun at camp. My family is going to the Black Hills in August for vacation before Rabenstrange moves off to Japan.

  13. Untitled Comment

    oops, that ^ was me.


  14. Hahaha!!

    Yeah, I’ll admit I was surprised when YOU actually went in the cave! LoL! And I knew you wern’t chicken (chicken :P). LoL! See ya soon!


  15. jayfromcleveland

    Untitled Comment

    Wow, that’s a drag about your kitten. I ran over a cat 20 years ago and I still feel bad! We witnessed my Mom’s Yorkie get smashed in the street in ’77, and she’s never been the same since. After hearing Luke and Levi’s M-80 stories, I’m tempted to make a bad joke that begins with “At least it wasn’t…” but we’ll just let that one slide…. We like cats around the Ryan Funny Farm, I much prefer them to loud, barkie, smelly slobbering dogs.

  16. Untitled Comment

    Very sorry about the kitten…..:*( But the trip sounds like fun! Just to let you know, I WOULD NOT have been in that cave, and probably not in the other one, either!



  17. Ummmmmmmm

    That looks (searching for the right word) fun? Messy is more like it. If it were me I would have been a chicken That’s all for now!

  18. Untitled Comment

    Hey Coie. Do you know of any good site’s where I can learn HTML? Thanks!!


  19. Untitled Comment

    you’re so cute….

  20. Hi

    I am really sorry about your kitten, but it sounds like a lot of the other stuff you did was lots of fun! ‘

  21. Untitled Comment

    Definitely miserable.

    And definitely amusing!

    Ain’t no way I’m a goin’ in that wee little entrance! Uh-uh…nooooo way, hosea!

  22. You win!

    For the longest entry ever that I am absolutely not going to be able to finish. However, that does not diminish my feelings of great thankfulness for your sweet and marvelous personage.

    :+) Mrs. Dancing Baby

  23. You win!

    For the longest entry ever that I am absolutely not going to be able to finish. However, that does not diminish my feelings of great thankfulness for your sweet and marvelous personage.

    :+) Mrs. Dancing Baby

  24. Hi'

    Hello I’m wildskaterboy that sounded like a good camp (like the 200 lmbs bit he he).

    Levi commented me telling me You but music on his blog. Could you tell me how? thanks.

    Comment soon!

    wildskaterboy (or PokeKid)

    P.S. Sorry about your cat.

  25. WOW!

    Ok, that sounded fun (being the silly skit)….and NOT fun (being stuck in the moutain) I would’ve freaked even MORE than you did. What a small exit! And you say the entrance was SMALLER!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! That would’ve been SCARY! *shudders*

    Sorry ’bout your cat though 🙁 *sniff*

    And…..I don’t really remember the rest of your post………

  26. iluvmy3chickiesandtheirdaddy2

    Howdy Cavegirl

    just wanted to let you know that I read about your trip. What an adventure…messy, muddy, scary, but man what a lotta fun!!!

    Sorry about “Penguin”

    Mrs. P

  27. Well, I, ummm….

    Uh, yeah, well, I told Ryann I’d get it out of you because she had the nerve to demand that I had to call her before she told me what she had done to her hotdog at camp! Humph! Well! How’s THAT for a “loving friend” huh? LOL!

    But then again….I have been wanting to, uh, t-alk to her again…..but wait! Hold on a sec there Mariel! Your sposed to be flaming mad at that girl, I mean, your……ohhhhh, FINE!!! I give up! You win! Game over! Boom! Smash! Defeat, Ok! Ya happy Ryann! Sheesh!

    (Ya getting this Coie? I’m cracking up just writing this! Hahahaha!)

    Cya Later Home-Girl!

    Love ya Coie!


  28. lol

    You guys think that cat was sad, you should hear what happened to Coie’s kittens.

  29. SandBetweenMyToes


    I don’t do black holes and I don’t do mud. Otherwise, the camping sounds like fun.

    You grieved a whole 30 min. over your kitten??? I *am* sorry about it. It seems very traumatic to see it get run over like that. Briana hasn’t told anyone, but her kitty, that was her baby, disappeared back in April. It was really hard for her.

    Briana is gone to musical theater/dance camp for 2 weeks. I think she updated her blog before she left though.

    Have a great week, and stay out of those black holes.

    Mrs. S

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