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I'm back…for a few days anyways

by coie - August 6th, 2005.
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Well, my dad and I just got back from TN.  We were moving the Suarez family out there and looking for houses for my family.  We tried to drive straight through, but I'm only capable of driving 4-5 hours before feeling really dizzy/tired and get a headache.  And, dad's only capable of going 24 hours without sleep.  😉  So, we stopped for a total of about 8 hours on our way out.  I pretty much looked like this the entire way there and back.


The Suarezes were having lots of trouble with their van so they took my car instead.  It's still in TN….and I miss it….*sniff*…hehe….I get it back soon though.  And they got new tires, and an oil change for it.  Yippee!


TN is beautiful and I can't wait to move out there!  I totally forgot everything else I had to say, but maybe I'll remember later….gotta get!


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  1. Glad you…

    made it back safely. I'm sure Gena will take good care of your car 🙂 In fact she mentioned she'd let Little Buddy take it to the store 🙂 Just kidding of course…have Paul and Paulie actually made it back yet?

    Grace and Peace-


  2. Glad you had safe trip!

    It's always nice to be home after a long trip. I seem to look the same way on trips too….it's the thrill of the open road LOL!

    Be sure to post some pictures of good 'ole Tennessee too, I can't wait to see what it looks like!!


  3. oh really?

    'Lil Bud E as we now call him had better not drive my car! lol….Actually Paulie stayed out there with Levi…My uncle Paul came back with my dad and I. Luke and Julia go out on the next trip, I believe….I'll be posting pics of TN soon….:):)


  4. Welcome back!

    Welcome back!!

    Do you get dizzy/tired because of motion sickness? For motion sickness, suck on peppermints and chew crystalized ginger. 🙂

    When we visit Oregon (which isn't very often), we drive straight through, taking only potty breaks…it ends up being a bout 13-14 hours.

  5. Dizzy/Tired

    I don't get motion sickness….unless I'm spinning my baby brother around in a chair to get him to sleep. Sooo, I'm not quite sure why I get sick.

    Chrystalized ginger? That sounds weird….where do you get it?

  6. ugh…

    Chrystylized ginger?! ugh! That's got to be the nastiest stuff ever made…

  7. Untitled Comment

    That stuff IS soooo nasty! My mom has always taught us to eat things we don't like…and I've just refused this one.

    Now, peppermints aren't bad. I could eat those anytime!

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