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My New Best Friend

by coie - June 10th, 2005.
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Yup, I have a new best friend and she is 4 years old.  She is absolutely crazy.  Her name is Elizabeth.  When we went over to her house last week, she and I got into a full blown pillow-fight/ tackle/ tickle/ throwing things at eachother game.  When I left she said “Bye, Coie!  I had fun fighting with you!”  That's the first time I've been thanks for terrorizing a 4 year-old.  lol I went over a few days later and got into another “fight” with her.  Lemme tell you– NEVER go over there and start a tickle war with her, because she will win……..This time, she had to go to bed before we left so she came up to me (I was on my guard in case she planned on attacking) and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.  She asked if I could spend the night.  I replied with “Only if I can push you out of your bed and use it– you can sleep on the floor”.  She takes everything seriously and gave me a slightly confused look.  Then she kinda shrugged and said, “I wish only you could spend the night because you are so sweet.” LOL  She is such a cutie….Here is a pic……..


4 Responses to My New Best Friend

  1. That is one cute baby girl ya got there in that picture!!

    I think I will keep her because she is squishy and sweet and special. :+)

    Thanks for being a great example and friend to her, Coie. You are a dear.

    Mrs. K.

  2. not to mention

    that girl can SING. She wrote her own sheet music (as did her brother). It looked sort of like this: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***************** @@@@@@@@@@@@@

    and then paying careful attention to her music, she sang a very lovely song standing on a piano bench. It was VERY cute

  3. Consider yourself TAGGED!

    you have to go to my blog to read the questions, answer them and then tag 5 other people ….

  4. SO cute!!!

    Oh, she's such a cutie!!! Not many 16 year olds would even look at a 4 year old…much less PLAY with one!!!! LOL! You're a sweetie Coie!

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