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by coie - May 23rd, 2005.
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Well, I'm supposed to get my Driver's License tomorrow.  Maybe I will actually pass this time.  Wouldn't that be surprising??? 


Thought/question of the day/week- Who built the first snowman and why was it modeled after an ant (head, abdomen, and thorax)??? I mean really, what's the connection?

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  1. I can't believe you opened this up!!!!

    Maybe if you don’t try to run over a pedestrian in the cross walk or disobey stop light laws you might pass this time!!!

  2. Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee

    You guys are funny!! I just love it!!!! Keep blogging, I'm enjoying your wit and humor…u keep it light and keep me laughing and smiling!!

  3. P.S.

    I have no idea about the snowman thing :-I

  4. Cool

    Hello Coie! My mom talked to your mom on the phone today about and I checked out your website and I read your profile. Our birthdays are ONE DAY apart–same year and all! Isn't that cool?!?!


    I have another blog, but I'm going to switch to homeschool blogger in the near future. You can visit my current blog at but I have reserved a name at homeschool blogger!

    Okay…this is long enough. Hope you got your drivers license! Have a great day.


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