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by coie - June 9th, 2005.
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I just spent like 5 minutes writing a post and the stinkin' thing got lost in cyber-space.  Anyways, I shall refresh my memory and start over……..


Because of the fact that no one is ever in the chat room when I go in there, I've decided to voice my complaint.  SOMETIME soon we should set up a huuuuuuuuuuge homeschool chat. Er, and yes, I stole this idea from whoever was talking to themselves this morning in the chat room.  Someone want to arrange it? Man, the smiley's worked in my last post too, and now it doesn't *slams head against—um– pillow*

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    I set up a homeschool chat, but only you (and those who read my blog) can make it huge~

    So, everyone who wants to chat, there are 2 times for our homeschool scheduled chats tonight at 8PM e.s.t. and tomorrow at 2PM e.s.t.

    So spread the word

    and do you want to be the host?

  2. What's the DEAL?

    It happened to me too…and by the way, I slept like FOREVER and now I feel tons better! LOL

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