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Wonderful…I Look Like Bill Clinton

by coie - March 16th, 2006.
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The last two days have been really
fun.  We have been digging trenches and rotatilling (sp?) our
garden plot.  I got to till yesterday and I did it so unsystematically that dad had a lot of trouble flattening it today.  Hardy har har. 

The trenches are currently about 2-3 feet deep.  I got too much
sun and my face is really red.  And I'm dizzy.  And on top of
all that my dad is making fun of me.  He said, “Your face is just
getting redder and redder.  You look like Bill Clinton.”  I
found that slightly entertaining.

We found some wild onions or
garlic or something growing in our lawn and I threw it in our
stew.  Dad did some research before eating it and said that there
are many poisonous plants that people mistake for onions.  After
dinner I got complaints something like the following:

“Coie, my stomach hurts really bad”

“Whoa, I think I'm gonna throw up.”

“Wow, Coie.  I just had major bathroom issues. Major.”

I'll let you know if anyone dies.  And if I die with the rest of
'em, mom will more than likely blog it since she didn't eat any of it.

family members have been telling me my posts are getting too long, so
this is my attempt to fit everything into at least 1 page of a Word
doc.  Do you readers think my posts are too long? 
Bzzzzt.  I think the sun was messing with my brain.  I'm
considering deleting this post.

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  1. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    please don't delete

    I think that was the most amusing thing I have read in weeks. It was a combination of thinking of your appearance even slightly resembling clinton and the onions that made for exquisite humor.

    ~Aunt Spiffy

  2. Bigger is Better and Longer is Superior

    At least you didn’t turn orange and get compared to John Kerry.

    As for long posts, keep ’em coming. Long posts are great. The only reason I’d deliberately cut down on my post lengths is so to increase post frequency.

  3. I noticed in your sidebar…

    Oh, sorry to post again so soon but I read your Pronunciation Guide and became overwhelmed with curiosity.

    What model is “My Precious [2]”?

  4. Untitled Comment

    Looking like Bill Clinton isn’t all bad. At least you can consider yourself (if you are killed) assassinated instead of murdered. I like that picture of you too!

  5. SandBetweenMyToes

    Hey Coie

    This is Ashley’s and Briana’s mom. I love to read your post. They are not too long! You are a lot of fun, and you DON’T look like Bill Clinton. Please! The only problem I have with your post is that I haven’t been around you long enough to figure out if you’re serious or not. I have a feeling that ‘s the way you like it, huh? : ) See you next week.


    P.S. I need someone to tell me (b/c my dear daughters don’t know either) how you can link to someone’s blog in a comment. Such as above–how would I have linked Ashley’s and Briana’s names. I can do it on my blog, just don’t know how here.

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